RoboVision has remote pan-heads that excel in the studio environment.

Using the latest technology RoboVision is able to integrate their systems into many existing automated environments.

Whether it is mounted over-head or shooting a talking head RoboVision's superior dampening and lens control will give you the best in broadcast quality movement.

RoboVision’s experience in live sports remotes makes us your best choice to get the shots needed for that ‘in your living room’ experience.


Whether it’s through the backboard in basketball or 6 inches from a speeding racecar, RoboVision’s high-speed pan-heads can cover the action.

RoboVision’s superior robotic pan-heads will give you the soft moves desired for entertainment shows.

Concerts, Award Shows and News event have all used RoboVision Remote systems to enhance their coverage.

Don’t get stuck with inferior pan-head devices when you can get ‘broadcast quality’ movement from RoboVision.

One Robotic operator can control multiple cameras.

Robotic camera can be placed in areas of limited spaces.

A robotic camera can be operated in areas too dangerous for a conventional manned camera.